General Information Edit

Afar Afar is a Somali kingdom that is playable from 1573 to 1902, where it is annexed by Ethiopia Ethiopia.

See also: Somalia Somalia, Ethiopia Ethiopia

Somali Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Infantry cost: -10%
  2. Trade steering toward inland: +15%


  1. Maritime heritage: Light ship cost -20%
  2. Qalqards: Fort maintenance modifier -20%
  3. Somali clans: Global manpower modifier 15%
  4. Offensive warfare: Infantry power +10%
  5. Indian Ocean Trade: Trade efficiency +10%
  6. Corsairs of the Red Sea: Light ship power +10%
  7. Perso-Arab Influx: Advisor Cost -10%


  1. Land force limit modifier: +20%

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