General Information Edit

Ahmadnagar Ahmadnagar is an Indian kingdom that is playable from 1490 to 27 July 1633, where it is annexed by Mughals Mughals.

See also: India India, Mughals Mughals

Strategy Edit

Form Hindustan HindustanEdit

Potential requirements

  • Hindustan Hindustan does NOT exist
  • Country is NOT Mughals Mughals
  • Culture group is Western Aryan
  • Religion is Sunni IslamMuslim
  • Technology group is NOT NomadicNomadic
  • If country is AI:
    • Must have at least 15 cities
    • Must not be a former colonial nation


  • Country is independent
  • Culture group is Western Aryan
  • Stability at least 3
  • Is at peace
  • Is not nomadic
  • Owns and has cores on Kutch, Thatta, Sehwan, Jangladesh, Jaisalmer, Marwar, Girnar, Baroda, Surat, Chittor, Dhundar, Mewat, Gird, Khandesh, Hadoti, North Konkan, South Konkan, North Kanara, Ahmadnagar, Marathwada and East Berar

Upon enactment

  • Country changes to Hindustan Hindustan
  • Set government rank to EmpireEmpire
  • Permanent claim on Indian sub-continent
  • Gain 10 prestige
  • If HRE HRE member but not elector, any owned province is set out of the Empire


National Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Stability cost modifier: -10%
  2. Advisor cost: -10%


  1. Increase discipline: Discipline +2.5%
  2. Increase taxation: Global tax modifier +5%
  3. Cheaper mercenaries: Mercenary maintenance modifier -10%
  4. Increase trade power: Global trade power +5%
  5. Increase manpower: Global manpower modifier +5%
  6. Increase trade steering: Trade steering +5%
  7. Increase production income: Production efficiency +5%


  1. Global tax modifier: +10%