General Information Edit

Air Air is a West African tribe that is playable from 1350 to 1500, where it is annexed by Songhai Songhai, and from 1591 to 1900, where it is annexed by France France.

See also: Niger Niger, Mali Mali, France France

Air Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Land attrition -10%
  2. Caravan power +20%


  1. The Taghlamt: Trade efficiency +10%
  2. Cross of Agades: Morale of armies +15%
  3. Legacy of Tin-Hinan: Yearly legitimacy +1
  4. The Blue People: Yearly prestige +1
  5. Inadan Castes: Production efficiency +10%
  6. Nomadic Traditions: Land leader maneuver +1
  7. Ineslemen Teachings: Missionary strength +1


  1. Land leader shock +1

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