General Information Edit

Ajuuraan Ajuuraan is a Somali theocracy that is playable from 1220 to 1730, where it is annexed by Geledi Geledi.

See also: Somalia Somalia, Geledi Geledi

Ajuuraan Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Build cost -10%
  2. Missionary strength +1


  1. Maritime Enterprise: Ship costs -10%
  2. Istunka Tournament: National unrest -1
  3. Gareen Imams: Missionaries +1
  4. Muslim migrations: Possible advisors +1
  5. Hydraulic Empire: -10% Development cost, -10% Stability cost modifier
  6. Expelling the Infidel: Land leader shock +1
  7. Ottoman assistance: Military technology cost -10%


  1. Morale of armies +10%

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