For the Asian Albania, see Albania (Caucasian)

General Information Edit

Albania Albania is a European country located in the Balkans. Albania has long history of independence and subjection to foreign rule and is first is playable from 1368 to May 4th, 1437 (Ottomans Ottoman Occupation), and from March 2nd, 1444 to June 16, 1478 (Albanian Annexation).

Albania is then playable (although centuries later) from November 28th, 1912 (End of WW1) to April 9th, 1939 (Italy Italian Invasion), and then from May 8th, 1945 (End of WW2) to the present day.

See also: Ottomans Ottomans, Kosovo Kosovo, Macedonia Macedonia, Greece Greece, Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, Soviet Union Soviet Union, Turkey Turkey, Italy Italy, Albania (Caucasian) Albania (Caucasian)


Albanian Ideas and TraditionsEdit


  1. +20% Fort Defense
  2. +10% Manpower Recovery Speed


  1. All Lands Under Skanderbeg: +20% Land Force Limit Modifier
  2. Land of Ambushers: +1 Land Leader Maneuver
  3. Kingdom of Albania: +1 Yearly Prestige
  4. Hit and Run: +15% Cavalry Combat Ability
  5. Land of the Eagles: -10% Stability Cost Modifier
  6. Albanian Tolerance: +1 Tolerance of Heretics, +1 Tolerance of Heathens
  7. Break the Power of Princes: +15% National Manpower Modifier


  1. -1% Yearly Army Tradition Decay