For the European Albania, see Albania (Balkan)

General Information Edit

CaucasianAlbania Albania is a Caucasian Kingdom that is playable from 2 through 639. In 253, the country becomes a vassal of the Sassanid Sassanids. Albania is conquered by the Black flag Rashidun Caliphate in 639.

See also: Armenia, Iberia, Parthia, Alans, Sassanid, Umayyad, Albania (Balkan)


Caucasian Albanian Ideas and TraditionsEdit


  1. +20% National Manpower Modifier
  2. +20% Manpower Recovery Speed


  1. Fierce Independence: +50% Hostile Core-Creation Cost
  2. Caucasian Albanian Alphabet: -10% Technology Cost
  3. Great Arts: +1 Yearly Prestige
  4. Ties with Parthia: +1 Diplomatic Reputation
  5. Caucasus Mountains: +1 Attrition for Enemies
  6. Religious Plurality: +3 Tolerance of Heathens
  7. Raiders: +10% National Tax Modifier


  1. +10% Morale of Armies

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