Arianism is a pre-schism denomination of Christianity that follows the teachings of presbyter Arius of the 3rd and 4th centuries. Arianism mostly concerns about the relationship between God the Father, and the Son of God asserting that the Son of God was a subordinate entity to God the Father rather than the Second Divine Person of the Holy Trinity.

Bonuses Edit

  • Global Tax Modifier: +10%
  • Idea Cost: -10%

Mechanics Edit

Arianism is in the Christian group, but only pre-schism denominations of Christianity are considered heretics, i.e. Chancledonism, Coptic, and Nestorianism. Every other religion will be considered heathens

Arianism currently possesses no unique mechanics.

Events Edit

Arianism will appear at Pest at around the 325 and will spread to any neighboring province until the year 550.

 Convert to Arianism Edit


  • Stability at Least 1
  • Is at Peace
  • Any Core Province is Arianism


  • Religion Changed to Arianism
  • Lose 4 Stability
  • [Country] gets Recent Conversion for 5 years giving the following effects:
    • +2.00 National unrest
    • +20.0% Stability Cost Modifier 

Possible for: