General Information Edit

Ava Ava is a Shan minor that is playable from 1364 to 1527, where it joins the Shan Shan States.

See also: Shan Shan, Mong Yang Mong Yang

Decisions Edit

Confederate the Shan Shan StatesEdit

Potential requirements:

  • Normal or historical setup
  • If AI:
    • not a custom nation
    • not a former colonial nation
    • has at least 6 cities
  • Shan Shan does NOT exist
  • Is not colonial nation
  • Primary culture is Shan


  • Owns core provinces: Kale (580), Mong Yang (582), Hsenwi (583), Ava (584), Mong Kawng (2258), Pagan (2371), Hsipaw (2259)
  • Is not a subject
  • Is not nomadic
  • Is at peace

Upon enactment:

  • Gain 20 prestige
  • Country becomes Shan Shan
  • If part of HRE HRE but not elector, any owned province is set out of it
  • If a Duchyduchy, it upgrades to a Kingdomkingdom
  • Gain permanent claim on any not owned province with Shan culture
  • Gets the event New Traditions & Ambitions

Shan Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Chance of new heir: +50%
  2. Accepted culture threshold: -10%


  1. Fortified Cities: Fort defense +15%
  2. Wet Rice Cultivation: Production efficiency +10%
  3. Sao Pha: National unrest -1
  4. Control of the Gem Trade: Domestic trade power +10%
  5. Raiders: +1 Land leader shock, +10% Looting speed
  6. Shan Chronicles: Legitimacy +1
  7. Expansionism: National manpower modifier +25%


  1. Manpower recovery speed: +15%

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