General Information Edit

Ayutthaya Ayutthaya is a Thai kingdom that is playable from 1350 to 1932, where it modernizes into Thailand Thailand.

See also: Thailand Thailand, Sukhothai Sukhothai

Decisions Edit

Form Thailand ThailandEdit


  • Primary culture is in the Thai culture group (except Laotian)
  • Flag of Thailand Thailand does not exist
  • At peace
  • Administrative Technology of at least 78
  • Is not a subject nation
  • Owns core province: Chiang Mai (589), Ratchaburi (592), Ayutthaya (600), Sukthothai (601), Rayong (603)

Upon Enactment:

  • Country changes to Flag of Thailand Thailand
  • Gain 28px-Prestige25 Prestige
  • Gain a permanent claim to the Tenasserim, Northern Thai, and Central Thai areas
  • Gain country modifier Increased Centralization for 20 years:
    • -0.05 28px-Autonomy Monthly Autonomy Change
    • +1 28px-National unrest National Unrest

Ayutthayan Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Religious unity: +20%
  2. Accepted culture threshold: +10%


  1. White Elephant: National tax modifier +10%
  2. The Corvee System: National manpower modifier +10%
  3. Foreign mercenaries: Mercenary maintenance -25%
  4. Embassies: Diplomat(s) +1
  5. Promotion of Trading Links: Trade range +20%
  6. Personal Executions: Stability cost modifier -10%
  7. Phrai Luang: National unrest -1


  1. Income from vassals: +25%

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