General Information Edit

Bastar Bastar is a Hindu tribe that is playable from 1324 to 1750, where it is annexed by Nagpur Nagpur.

See also: Delhi Delhi, Nagpur Nagpur

Central Indian Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Hostile core-creation on us: +50%
  2. National manpower modifier: +15%


  1. Securing our Defenses: Fort defense +15%
  2. Tribal Religion: +10% Religious unity, -1 National unrest
  3. Tigers and Elephants: Attrition for enemies +1
  4. Flexible Caste System: Accepted culture threshold -10%
  5. Raiding the Lowlands: Infantry combat ability +10%
  6. Ancient Roots: Yearly legitimacy +1
  7. Formalize Relations with the Chiefs: National tax modifier +10%


  1. Merchant(s) +1

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