General Information Edit

Bengal Bengal is an Aryan sultanate that is playable from 1342 to 1576, where it is annexed by Mughals Mughals.

See also: Hindustan Hindustan, Mughals Mughals, Delhi Delhi, Bangladesh Bangladesh

Decisions Edit

Form Hindustan Hindustan (Eastern Aryan)Edit


  • Hindustan Hindustan does not exist
  • Is not Mughals Mughals
  • Is not a subject nation
  • Is not a nomad nation
  • Technology group is not NomadNomad Group
  • Primary Culture is in the Eastern Aryan Culture Group
  • At peace
  • Stability at least 3
  • Religion is in the Muslim group
  • Owns core provinces: Jharkhand, Bengal Delta, Dhaka, Gauda, Koch, Chittagong, Patna, Bundelkhand, Cuttack, and Sambalpur

Upon Enactment:

  • Change country to Hindustan Hindustan.
  • Set government rank to Empire Empire.
  • Gain 28px-Prestige10 Prestige
  • Gain a permanent claim on all not owned provinces of the Indian sub-continent
  • If a member of the Holy Roman Empire HRE and not an elector or the emperor, all own provinces are removed from the HRE.

Bengali Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Trade steering: +10%
  2. Tolerance of heathens: +3


  1. Bengali Hindu-Sufi Syncretism: Religious unity +50%
  2. Ganges-Brahmaputra Confluence: Trade efficiency +10%
  3. Bengal's Endlessly Productive Rice Fields: National manpower modifier +20%
  4. Mustard Oil & Ilish Mach: Cost of reducing war exhaustion -10%
  5. Jute Production in Bengal: Production efficiency +10%
  6. Opium Fields of Bengal: National tax modifier +10%
  7. The Bengal Renaissance: Technology cost -5%


  1. Yearly prestige +1