General Information Edit

Bohtan Bohtan is a Kurdish Anatolian Iqta that never exists.

See also: Ardalan Ardalan

Kurdish Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Diplomats +1
  2. Fort defense +15%


  1. Mountain Warriors: Attrition for enemies +1
  2. Li Gora Gawirî Kurd Misilman e: Tolerance of heretics +2
  3. Kurdish Tribes: National manpower modifier +10%
  4. Active diplomacy: Diplomatic relations +1
  5. Kurdish Mercenaries: Mercenaries maintenance -25%
  6. Legacy of the Kurdish Dynasties: Yearly legitimacy +1
  7. Gorani Literature: Prestige decay -1%


  1. Leader(s) without upkeep +1

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