General InformationEdit

Bosporus Bosporus is a Pontic vassal of Rome Rome, and was originally founded as a Greek colony on the Crimean Peninsula. Bosporus is playable from January 1st, 2, to 63; and from 68 to 250.

See also: Rome Rome, Greece Greece, Pontus Pontus, Trebizond Trebizond, Sarmatians Sarmatians, Siraces Siraces, Dacia Dacia, Iberia Iberia, Armenia Armenia, Alans Alans

Strategy (Roman-Parthian War) Edit

The well being of your small Mediterranean country is partially dependent on Rome's stability. You start with two neighbors by land, the Sarmatians Sarmatians and the Siraces Siraces, both of which are nomadic hordes, and they aren't exactly going to be the friendliest of neighbors (towards you and each other). You also start with three neighbors by sea: Rome Rome, Pontus Pontus, and Dacia Dacia.

Declaring IndependenceEdit

As the game goes on, its very likely that the Rome Romans will begin to crumble. You don't have to end up the way they did. In order for that to happen, declare a war for independence when their empire grows incredibly weak. If either Pontus Pontus or Iberia Iberia have high independence desire, you should ally them, and then they will help you in your independence war against Rome Rome. Rome's rivals such as Parthia Parthia might be able to support your independence war as well (having a good Diplomatic reputation diplomatic reputation and high relations with them will help you gain Parthian support). If Parthia Parthia supports your independence, this will leave you with a very strong ally after the Bosporan War of Independence is won. Just make sure that the hordes aren't in a strong position to attack you in your independence war and you should fine (assuming Rome Rome is completely collapsing and has little to no soldiers).


Try to see if the Alans Alans, Iberia Iberia, Armenia Armenia, or Dacia Dacia are willing to become allies. They will be helpful in expanding north and eastwards into the hordes. Bosporus has Roman tech, that means you will be ahead of the barbarians and steppe nomads in technology. Use this to your advantage and attack your enemies when they are weak.


Due to the Bosporan idea Greek Settlers (Global settler increase +15 Global Settler Increase), long term colonization will eventually be a goal for the Bosporans to achieve due to access to Siberia. You will want to combine this with the Native Repression Policy for an extra Global settler increase +20 Global Settler Increase, giving Bosporus Bosporus a total combined bonus of Global settler increase +55 Global Settler Increase. Although Exploration idea group Exploration and Expansion idea group Expansion ideas will take some time to unlock, this is a goal that you will eventually want to achieve when forging your Bosporan Empire.


Reform Religion hellenism HellenismEdit


  • Administrative tech Administrative Tech at least 9
  • IconPowerAdministrative Administrative Power at least 50
  • Own at least 20 provinces in the Catholicism Christian religious group.

Upon Enactment:

  • Lose IconPowerAdministrative 50 Administrative Power
  • Gain country modifier Reformed Clergy until the end of the game.
    • +10% Icon stability Stability Cost Modifier
    • +1% Missionary strength Missionary Strength
    • +1 Tolerance own Tolerance of the True Faith
    • -2 Tolerance heathen Tolerance of Heathens

Bosporan Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +10% Morale of Armies
  2. +15% Galley Combat Ability


  1. Defeat the Scythians: +1 Land Leader Shock
  2. Crimean Exports: +20% Global Trade Power
  3. Roman-Pontic Relations: +1 Diplomatic Reputation
  4. Maeotian Marshes: -10% Shock Damage Received
  5. Bosporan Coins: +0.10 Yearly Inflation Reduction
  6. Greek Settlers: +15 Global Settler Increase
  7. Cimmerian Bosporus: -10% Ship Costs


  1. +10% Production Efficiency