General InformationEdit

Burma Burma is a country located in Indochina, bordering India to the west, China China and Flag of Laos Laos to the east, and Flag of Thailand Thailand to the south. Burma may be formed by any country in the Burman culture group (except Flag of Myanmar Myanmar). Burma is playable from January 4 1948, to January 1, 1989. Flag of Myanmar Myanmar is the successor state to Burma.

See also: Myanmar, India, China, Laos, Thailand, Great Britain


Form BurmaEdit


  • Primary culture is in the Burman culture group
  • Burma Burma does not exist
  • Is not Flag of Myanmar Myanmar
  • Owns Core Provinces: Pegu, Ayeyarwady, Moulmein, Toungoo, and Kyuakse
  • Administrative technology of at least 78
  • Is not a subject nation
  • At Peace

Upon Enactment:

  • Country changes to Burma Burma
  • Gain 28px-Prestige25 Prestige
  • Gain a permanent claim to the Burma region
  • Gain country modifier Increased Centralization for 20 years:
    • -0.05 28px-Autonomy Monthly Autonomy Change
    • +1 28px-National unrest National Unrest

Taungu Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +10% National Tax Modifier
  2. +10% Infantry Combat Ability


  1. Legacy of the Pagan Dynasty: +1 Yearly Prestige
  2. Mandala System: +20% National Manpower Modifier
  3. Nat Worship: +20% Religious Unity
  4. Bayingyi: -20% Infantry Cost
  5. Chakravartin: +10% Morale of Armies
  6. Manu Kye Dhammathat: -10% Stability Cost Modifier
  7. The Hluttaw: -1 National Unrest


  1. -15% Core-Creation Cost

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