General InformationEdit

Ceylon Ceylon is an island nation located off the southern tip of India. Ceylon is playable from 2 to 436; from 463 to 1017; from 1070 to 1660, and from 1948 to 1972. In 1972, Ceylon modernizes and reforms into the nation of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka.

See also: Pandya, Portugal, Netherlands, Great Britain, India, Sri Lanka


Ceylon begins in a disadvantaged state, but by capturing the smaller nations along the tip of India and allying with the Western Satraps to the north, Ceylon can quickly eat away at Satavahana and conquer much of the Indian subcontinent. Balancing opinions between the Chinese and Persia is important so as to avoid being wiped out too early, but the nations within Central Asia, Tibet, and South-East Asia provide fertile lands for expansion against your eventual enemies. If colonizing is in your appetite, the coastlines of the East Indies and the whole of Australia are just within reach. As a whole, remember to balance Religious Balance and Overextension (as with any game) as your nation begins in a small minority.

Sinhalese Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +10% Fort Defense
  2. +10% Trade Efficiency


  1. Gabadagam: +10% National Tax Modifier
  2. Sinhalese Sandesas: +1 Yearly Prestige
  3. Pear of the Indian Ocean: +1 Merchants
  4. Centre of Learning: +1 Diplomatic Reputation
  5. Develop the Cinnamon Trade: +10% Goods Produced Modifier
  6. Growth of New Castes: +10% Production Efficiency
  7. Sinhalese Guerilla Warfare: +1 Attrition for Enemies


  1. +10% Domestic Trade Power