General Information Edit

Chavchuveny Chavchuveny is a Siberian Clan that pops up in 1300 and is playable to 1647, where it is annexed by Russia Russia. After that year, it can still be released by Russia Russia and Soviet Union Soviet Union.

See also: Russia Russia, Soviet Union Soviet Union

Siberian Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Unjustified demands: -25%
  2. Land attrition: -15%


  1. Hunters of the Notrh: Attrition for enemies +1
  2. Siberian Fur Trade: Domestic trade power +10%
  3. Enslave the Captives: Production efficiency +10%
  4. Siberian Backwoods: Fort defense +15%
  5. Land Bought with Blood: Prestige from land battles +100%
  6. Successful Raids: +15% National manpower modifier, +5% Reinforce speed
  7. Hunting Expansion: Global settler increase +20


  1. Monthly war exhaustion: -0.05