General Information Edit

Cheng Cheng is a Chinese dynasty that is playable from 304 to 338, where it is annexed by Han Han.

See also: Chen Chen, China China, Han Han, Jin Jin

Decisions Edit

Form China China Edit


  • Primary culture is Han, Cantonese, or Manchu
  • China China does not exist
  • At peace
  • Administrative Technology of at least 76
  • Is not a subject nation
  • Is not a monarchy
  • Owns core province: Beijing (1816), Hebei (695), Suzhou (1822), Guangzhou (667), Chengdu (679)

Upon Enactment:

  • Country changes to China China
  • Gain 28px-Prestige25 Prestige
  • Gain country modifier Increased Centralization for 20 years:
    • -0.05 28px-Autonomy Monthly Autonomy Change
    • +1 28px-National unrest National Unrest

Chinese Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +10% Provincial Trade Power Modifier
  2. -10% Ideas Cost


  1. Repair the Great Wall: +15% Fort Defense
  2. The Revival of the Training Camps: +2.5% Discipline
  3. Inward Perfection: -10% Stability Cost Modifier
  4. Repair the Yellow River Dykes: +10% Production Efficiency
  5. Restore the Salt Monopoly: +10% National Trade Income Modifier
  6. Bringing in the Head Tax: +10% National Tax Modifier
  7. Create the Eight Banners: +10% National Manpower Modifier


  1. +30% Better Relations Over Time

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