General Information Edit

Chokwe Chokwe is a Kongolese minor tribe that pops up in 1350 and is playable to 1700, where it is annexed by Lunda Lunda, and from 1850 to 1930, where it is annexed by Portugal Portugal. Since it never lost its cores, Chokwe Chokwe can be released at any date after 1700.

See also: Kongo Kongo, Lunda Lunda, Portugal Portugal, Angola Angola

Kongolese Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Attrition for enemies: +1
  2. Land attrition: -10%


  1. The Kongo River Basin: Fort defense +10%
  2. Elephant Hunts: National manpower modifier +10%
  3. Aristocratic Merit: Stability cost modifier -10%
  4. Initiation Rites: Infantry cost -10%
  5. Aggressive Migration: Culture conversion cost -10%
  6. Subordinate Chiefs: National unrest -1
  7. The Ivory Trade: Trade efficiency +10%


  1. Leader(s) without upkeep: +1