Communist Revolution Fascist Revolution These are two new disasters added into the mod but since their effects are the same (beside the Fascism - Communism difference), they're written here in an only page. To explain you easier, the Fascist ones are colored in grey and the Communist ones are colored in red.

Potential requirementsEdit

  • Hasn't country flag "Had Communist Revolution"/"Had Fascist Revolution"
  • Government is not Government republicCommunist dictatorship, Government republicSocialist republic or Government republicFascist dictatorship
  • Is not The Papal State Papal States
  • Is not a subject
  • Doesn't use doom
  • Has at least 30 cities
  • Administrative tech level at least 80 / 81

Prerequisites to startEdit

  • Hasn't any disaster
  • Stability below 0
  • Has administrative tech level at least 82 / 83
  • Has at least 2 loans

Prerequisites to stopEdit

  • Is in a disaster
  • Stability at least 3

Prerequisites to endEdit

  • Stability at least 1
  • Has no revolts

Progress triggersEdit

  • +1 monthly if prestige below 0
  • +1 monthly if war exhaustion at least 5
  • +0.5 monthly if has 10 to 24 loans
  • +1 monthly if has at least 25 loans
  • +2 monthly if bankrupt
  • +0.5 monthly if stability below -1
  • +1 monthly if stability below -2
  • +2 monthly if any neighbour is a Government republicCommunist dictatorship, Government republicSocialist republic or Government republicFascist dictatorship

Upon disasterEdit

  • +10 Global unrest
  • +10% stability cost modifier

Events triggeredEdit

Revolution! (on start)Edit

Dire times are ahead of us

  • A random owned province with at least 4 base tax gets 3k Communist rebels/Fascist rebels that have won siege
  • Lose 3 stability
  • Gain country flags "Communist Revolution"/"Fascist Revolution"

"Had Communist Revolution"/"Had Fascist Revolution"



  • Has not "Minority Rights" country flag
  • Has not "Work Class Rights" country flag

Immediate effects

  • Gain "Minority Rights" country flag
  • Gain "Work Class Rights" country flag

Restrict serfdom

  • Gain "Minority Restrictions" country modifier forever
    • Global unrest +1
  • Gain "Working Class Benefits" country modifier forever
  • Global tax modifier -20%
  • Global manpower modifier -10%
  • Global unrest -1

Keep the masses in chains

  • Gains 2 stacks of rebels in random provinces
    • Global unrest +1
  • Gain "Working Class Restricted" country modifier forever and 2 stacks of Communist rebels
    • Global unrest +1

Social reformEdit


  • Has not "Fascist Thinkers" country flag
  • Has not "Marxist Thinkers" country flag

Immediate effects

  • Gain "Fascist Thinkers" country flag
  • Gain "Marxist Thinkers" country flag

Suppress the free thinkers

  • Gain country modifier "Suppress Fascist Thinkers"/"Suppress Marxist Thinkers" forever
    • Global unrest +1

They hardly pose a threat

  • Gain 3 stacks of Fascist rebels/Communist rebels in random owned provinces

Royal BureaucracyEdit

Triggers: Hasn't country flag "Government corruption"

Immediate effect: Gain country flag "Government corruption"

Reduce the royal bureaucracy: Lose 50 administrative power

Expand the royal bureaucracy: Gain "Corrupted government" forever (Global unrest +1)

Stability Returns (on end)Edit

Revolution must happen since at least 1000 days

Restore order: Gain 2 stability, all country flags and modifiers related to disasters are removed

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