Decandence (disaster) Decadence is one of the new disasters added into the mod.


  • Is a Government monarchyMonarchy
    • Is NOT Government monarchyCelestial Empire
    • Is NOT Government monarchyRoman Republic
    • Is NOT Government monarchyParliamentary Monarchy
    • Is NOT Government monarchyConstitutional Monarchy
  • Is not a Icon vassal subject
  • Doesn't use Doom
  • Has at least 80 Province icon cities
  • Either is a Government monarchyCaliphate or is at least Icon time750
  • Does NOT have Administrative techAdministrative Tech level at least 47

Requisites to startEdit

  • Icon stabilityStability is below 1
  • LegitimacyLegitimacy is below 80

Requisites to stopEdit

  • Icon stabilityStability at least 3

Requisites to endEdit

  • Icon stabilityStability at least 3
  • LegitimacyLegitimacy at least 60

Progress triggersEdit

  • +2 monthly if Prestigeprestige below 0
  • +2 monthly if Icon war exhaustionwar exhaustion above 5
  • +1 monthly if 10 to 24 loans
  • +2 monthly if at least 25 loans
  • +4 monthly if bankrupt
  • +1 monthly if Icon stabilitystability below 0
  • +2 monthly if Icon stabilitystability below -1
  • +4 monthly if Icon stabilitystability below -2
  • +2 monthly if Legitimacylegitimacy below 40
  • +4 monthly if Legitimacylegitimacy below 20
  • +4 monthly if at least 160 Province icon cities

Upon disasterEdit

  • National unrest Global unrest +10
  • Stability cost modifierStability cost modifier +10%

Events triggeredEdit

The Empire is collapsing (on start)Edit

  • Loses 6 Icon stability stability
  • Any owned province that doesn't have primary culture gets 50 Local autonomylocal autonomy
  • Any owned province gets 30 Years of separatism years of nationalism

Core removedEdit

Required Any owned cored province hasn't primary culture

Effects Any owned cored province that hasn't primary culture loses core

Economic collapseEdit

Adds 5 Inflation reduction inflation

Liberty desireEdit

Required Has at least 1 Icon vassal subject of any type

Effects Any subject gains 50 Liberty desireliberty desire

Even more unrestEdit

  • Doesn't have "decadence unrest" modifier
  • Any owned province gains 10 Years of separatismyears of nationalism
  • Country gains "decadence unrest" modifier:
    • National unrestGlobal unrest +5

Stability restored (on end)Edit

Adds 3 Icon stabilitystability

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