General InformationEdit

Emishi Emishi is a Tribal Federation located on the island of Honshu, bordering Ainu Ainu to the north, and Yamato Yamato to the south. The Emishi people are considered to be the indigenous people of Japan (excluding Hokkaido, the indigenous people of that island are the Ainu Ainu people). Emishi is playable from 2 to 802. In 802, Emishi is conquered by Japan Japan.

See also: Japan, Yamato, Nakoku, Kibi, Izumo, Ainu

Strategy Edit

Emishi Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +5% Discipline
  2. +2 Tolerance of Heathens


  1. Horseback Warfare: -10% Cavalry Cost & +1 Land Leader Maneuver
  2. Hit and Run Tactics: +1 Attrition for Enemies
  3. Rice Cultivation: +10% Production Efficiency
  4. The Fifty Five Kingdoms: -10% Stability Cost Modifier
  5. Ara-Emishi: +10% Morale of Armies
  6. Wajin Trade: -25% Mercenary Cost & +10% Cavalry Combat Ability
  7. Feudal Domains: +50% Hostile Core-Creation Cost On Us


  1. +10% Goods Produced Modifier

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