Fetishist Fetishism covers a very wide range of indigenous African religions. These religions often feature a veneration for ancestors, use of magic and traditional medicine. In the game most of Africa is classified as Fetishist. It uses a cult system similar to personal deity one. Fetishist is one of the two religions in the African Paganism group, with the other being Religion egyptian Egyptian.

See also: Religion egyptian Egyptian, Kongo Kongo, Kanem Bornu Kanem Bornu

Bonuses Edit

  • Tolerance heathen +2 Tolerance of Heathens
  • Diplomatic reputation +1 Diplomatic Reputation


Cult Buddhadharma Buddhadharma:
  • Number of states +6 Number of States
Cult Christianity Christianity:
  • Trade power +25% Domestic Trade Power
Cult Cwezi Cwezi:
  • Better relations over time +20% Better Relations Over Time
Cult Enkai Enkai:
  • Manpower recovery speed +15% Manpower Recovery Speed
Cult Freyja Freyja:
  • Tolerance heathen +2 Tolerance of Heathens
Cult Haymanot Haymanot:
  • Advisor cost −10% Advisor Cost
Cult Islam Islam:
  • Institution spread +10% Institution Spread
Cult Mazdayasna Mazdayasna:
  • Merchants +2 Merchants
Cult Mlira Mlira:
  • Tolerance own +2 Tolerance of the True Faith
Cult Mwari Mwari:
  • Discipline +2.5% Discipline
Cult Nyame Nyame:
  • Diplomatic reputation +1 Diplomatic Reputation
Cult Roog Roog:
  • Land attrition −15% Land Attrition
Cult Sanatana Dharma Sanatana Dharma:
  • Goods produced modifier +10% Goods Produced Modifier
Cult Teotl Teotl:
  • Morale of armies +5% Morale of Armies
Cult Waaq Waaq:
  • National unrest −2 National Unrest
Cult Yemoja Yemoja:
  • Naval maintenance modifier −15% Naval Maintenance Modifier
Cult Zanahary Zanahary:
  • Icon war exhaustion −0.05 Monthly War Exhaustion