General Information Edit

Finland Finland is playable from December 12th, 1917, to the present day.

See also: Sweden, Russia, Soviet Union, Germany, Norway, Scandinavia, Tavastians, Käkisalmians

Strategy Edit

Form FinlandEdit


Upon Enactment:

  • Country changes to Finland Finland
  • Gain28px-Prestige25 Prestige
  • Gain permanent claim to the Finland area
  • Gain country modifier Increased Centralization for 20 years:
    • -0.05 28px-Autonomy Monthly Autonomy Change
    • +1 28px-National unrest National Unrest

Finnish Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +10% National Tax Modifier
  2. +5% Discipline


  1. Expand Viborg: +15% Fort Defense
  2. The Hakkapeliitta: +15% Cavalry Combat Ability
  3. The Fourth Estate: +10% Production Efficiency
  4. Settle Middle Finland: -10% Build Cost, -10% Development Cost
  5. Found Turun Akatemia: −5% Technology Cost
  6. The White Death: +1 Attrition for Enemies
  7. The Anjala Conspiracy: +10% Morale of Armies


  1. +2% Missionary Strength vs. Heretics

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