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Guyana Guyana is playable from May 26th, 1966 to the present.

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Strategy Edit

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Form Great Britain British Nation Edit


  • This country:
    • Culture iconPrimary Culture is in the British Culture Group, Welsh, Highlander, Anglo-Saxon, or Briton
  • Is not:
  • Great Britain Great Britain does not exist
  • Administrative tech Administrative Technology is at least 55
  • Is not a Subject colony icon colonial nation
  • Is not a Icon vassal subject nation
  • Is not a Government steppe horde nomad nation
  • At Peace
  • Owns Core-creation cost core province: London (236), Oxford (237), Wessex (234), Lothian (248), Aberdeen (251)

Upon Enactment:

  • Country changes to Great Britain Great Britain
  • Gain28px-Prestige25 Prestige
  • Gain permanent claim to the British Isles region
  • If Duchy Duchy, then set government rank to Kingdom Kingdom.
  • If an HRE Icon HRE member and not an elector or emperor, all provinces are removed from the empire.
  • Capital Capital moves to London (236)
  • Gain country modifier Increased Centralization for 20 years:
    • -0.05 28px-Autonomy Monthly Autonomy Change
    • +1 28px-National unrest National Unrest

Guyanese Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +10% Trade Efficiency
  2. +10% Infantry Combat Ability


  1. Embracing Native Roots: +1 Land Leader Maneuver
  2. Anti-Colonialism: +10% Morale of Armies
  3. Sugar and Tobacco Production: +10% Goods Produced Modifier
  4. The Moyne Commission: +0.50 Yearly Republican Tradition
  5. Afro-Guyanese Military Tradition: +0.50 Yearly Army Tradition, +0.50 Yearly Navy Tradition
  6. Multicultural Art: +1 Yearly Prestige
  7. Border Disputes: -10% Aggressive Expansion Impact


  1. +10% National Tax Modifier