General InformationEdit

Holland Holland is a Dutch country that is playable from January 1 1061 to January 5 1477. On January 5th 1477, Holland, along with the other Dutch states, united to form the Netherlands Netherlands.

See also: Netherlands, Burgundy, Spain


From whatever starting year you pick, your main goal as Holland is to eventually form the Netherlands Netherlands. In the 1444 start, you are going to want to break away from Burgundy Burgundy when the time is right. If the Burgundians begin to get beat down in a war with France France for example, that would be your time to declare a war for independence. As for idea groups, Exploration and Trade ideas are going to be by far the best choices for Holland due to your geographical location being in the English Channel trade node, as well as being closer to the New World than other European colonizers to the east.


Form NetherlandsEdit


Upon Enactment:

  • Country changes to Netherlands Netherlands
  • If Burgundy Burgundy, then:
    • Change primary culture to Dutch
    • Capital moves to Amsterdam (97)
    • If France France exists:
      • Cede all provinces in the French region to France France.
  • Set government rank to Kingdom, if not higher tier
  • If an Holy Roman Empire HRE member and not an elector or emperor, all provinces are removed from the Empire.
  • Gain gain a permanent claim on the Low Countries and Picardy regions.
  • Gain 28px-Prestige 25 prestige.
  • Trigger country event "New Traditions & Ambitions" unless using custom ideas

Dutch Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +50% Naval Force Limit Modifier
  2. -10% Shipbuilding Time


  1. Found the Amsterdam Wisselbank: +0.10 Yearly Inflation Reduction
  2. Dutch Trading Spirit: +1 Merchants & +10% Trade Range
  3. Polders: -10% Development Cost
  4. Instructie voor de Admiraliteiten: +2 Naval Leader Fire
  5. Embrace Humanism: +3 Tolerance of Heretics
  6. Army Sappers: +10% Siege Ability
  7. Platoon Fire: +10% Infantry Combat Ability


  1. +15% Trade Efficiency

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