Welcome New Editor! Edit

So, you want to edit in the wikia dedicated to the famous Extended Timeline mod? Well, it still needs much information and some help would be appreciated. If you prefer more specific help, contact one of the admins but here below you can see how to make a new country page.

How to make a new country pageEdit

Step one: Making a New Page

Screenshot-extended-timeline wikia com 2015-01-30 22-59-02
From any page as there is a contribute button that you can press to add a new content, particularly a page.

Step two: Infobox

Screenshot-extended-timeline wikia com 2015-01-30 23-03-04
The info box is the box in the right side of the page with fields of empty information about the country. You should add the country flag image. Specify religion, culture, tech group, government and capital of the country through history. The country rank would be useful too as well as the country development. About the tag, it is only a technical information for modding and is not really required.

Step Three: Setup

Screenshot-extended-timeline wikia com 2015-01-30 23-12-58
Screenshot-extended-timeline wikia com 2015-01-30 23-17-53

A page usually has different headings. The majority of country pages here have a "General Information" heading that defines when is it playable and some useful links, a "Strategy" heading, self-explanatory, a "Decision" heading that says the unique decisions the country can do as well as country formation ones and the last one is about the Ideas and Traditions the country has. Remember to add categories after having created the page about it being a country (duh) and categorizing in base of tech group, religion, culture and government.

Adding content to pages Edit

There are many pages that still need information that has been missed by some of the 9 editors. These things mainly include links, strategies and out of date information.

Organizing Pages Edit

Countries Edit

With hundreds of countries added with this mod, the countries page requires a lot of job. The page still needs to be organized by regions, as well as new countries that are being added and removed with updates.

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