General Information Edit

Iberia Iberia is a Georgian kingdom that is playable from 2 through 580; 607 through 628; and from 654 to 661.

See also: Pontus, Albania (Caucasian), Armenia, Alans, Sassanid, Byzantium, Umayyad


Iberian Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +1 Land Leader Shock


  1. Roman Imperial Protection: +1 Yearly Prestige
  2. Likhi Range: +25% Fort Defense
  3. Mtskheta: +25% Land Force Limit Modifer
  4. Saeritastavos: -1 National Unrest
  5. Armazi: +2 Tolerance of the True Faith
  6. Saint Nino: +2% Missionary Strength
  7. Caucasian Mountaineers: +10% Infantry Combat Ability


  1. +1 Advisors

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