Inti The Inti religion refers to the centralized religion and local beliefs followed by the Andean peoples in pre-Columbian South America.

See also: Inca Inca, Cusco Cusco, Nazca Nazca, Religion mesoamerican Mayan, Nahuatl Nahuatl, Religion south american South American

Bonuses Edit

  • Tolerance own +1 Tolerance of the True Faith
  • 28px-Autonomy -0.05 Monthly Autonomy Change

Negatives Edit

  • Must reform religion before Western westernization.
  • Local missionary strength +2% Local Missionary Strength (Inti provinces are easier to convert).
  • Potentially a very harsh backlash from passing reforms if not handled properly. For example, having a small military and a huge empire would be a disaster when passing a reform because the rebels will outnumber your soldiers unless you build up to your Land forcelimit force limit. To win what can be a potentially bloody civil war each time you pass a reform, you must make sure your army has enough Manpower manpower or you have enough Gold Icon ducats for Available mercenaries mercenaries depending on if you choose to develop the Production production of Gold gold-producing provinces to help maximize Gold Icon ducat output.

Mechanics Edit

Inti Inti is in the Native American group, and considers the followers of these religions heretics: Nahuatl Nahuatl, Religion mesoamerican Mayan, Religion south american South American, and Religion totemism Totemist.

If the player owns the DLC El Dorado El Dorado, then Inti Inti (along with Religion mesoamerican Mayan and Nahuatl Nahuatl) will gain unique mechanics and a multitude of new events related to the Inti religion, the Andean countries, and some specifically towards Inca Inca.

Inti Inti uses a system called Religious Reforms where the countries that follow the Inti religion must gain enough Authority, which is primarily gained over time through controlling large amounts of territory, events, and through directly lowering autonomy. The reforms are permanent and last the entire campaign unless the country converts to a different religion. Once all of the religious reforms have been enacted, the religion cannot be reformed until the country with all of the reforms borders an advanced colonizer.

Upon reforming the Inti religion, all technologies and institutions of the advanced neighbor will be acquired by the newly reformed Inti country, thus allowing the country to no longer be restricted to the new world.


  • Organized Recruitment: Manpower recovery speed +10% Manpower Recovery Speed
  • Expanded Mitma Policy: Colonists +1 Colonists, Adjacent Automatically Discover Adjacent Provinces When a Colony is Built
  • Reform the Cult of Inti: Legitimacy +0.5% Yearly Legitimacy
  • Yana Lords: Morale of armies +10% Morale of Armies:
  • Reform the Bureaucracy: Core-creation cost -10% Core-Creation Cost

Pass ReformEdit


  • At Peace
  • Anti tax rebels Rebels control no provinces.
  • Icon stability Stability is at least 1.
  • Authority is at least 100.
  • Own at least 10 cities.

Upon Enactment:

  • Selected reform is passed.
  • Lose Icon stability 2 Stability.
  • Country enters a Pretender rebels civil war.
  • Lose 100 Authority.


Inti Inti ProselytizationEdit

  • Icon stability Stability at least 2.
  • IconPowerAdministrative Administrative Power at least 50.
  • One of the following must be true:
    • All of the following must be true:
      • El Dorado El Dorado is enabled.
      • Has reformed their religion.
    • All of the following must be true:
      • El Dorado El Dorado is disabled.
      • Has embraced Renaissance.

Upon Enactment:

  • IconPowerAdministrative Lose 50 Administrative Power.
  • Gain Inti Proselytization until the end of the campaign.
    • Missionary strength+2% Missionary Strength