General Information Edit

Jan Mayen Jan Mayen is an easter egg nation. In vanilla, it is overpowered while in this mod is just a placeholder for the HRE Icon Holy Roman Empire and the Curia mechanics. In fact, the province "Jan Mayen" (3148) is a Catholicism Catholic HRE province until 962, when the real HRE Icon HRE was created.

The Polar tech group makes it impossible to achieve any monarch point because it drains 10 powers each monthly.

Due to it always existing, the command "bearhaslanded" doesn't work.

Strategy Edit

Jan Mayenese Ideas and Traditions Edit


  • −15% Core Creation Cost
  • +1 Land Leader Shock
  1. Of Noble Bearing: +1 Yearly Prestige
  2. The Right to Bear Arms: +20% Infantry Combat Ability
  3. Grizzly Terrain: +1 Attrition for Enemies
  4. Keeping our Bearings: −15% Naval Attrition
  5. Polarized Nation: −25% Accepted Culture Threshold
  6. Come Bearing Gifts: +30% Improve Relations
  7. Expand the Bearocracy: −10% Development Cost


  • −10% Land Maintenance Modifier