General Information Edit

Kurland Kurland is a Baltic country that is playable from 1561 to October 24th, 1795, where Kurland is annexed by Russia Russia. Kurland may be formed by either Riga Riga or Livonian Order The Livonian Order.

See also: Russia, Sweden, Livonian Order, Curonia, Poland, Commonwealth, Riga, Prussia


Reform into Kurland Kurland Edit


  • Playing with normal or historical nations
  • If AI, is not playing a custom nation
  • Is Livonian Order Livonian Order or Riga Riga
  • Kurland Kurland does not exist
  • If AI, either the ProtestantismProtestant or Religion reformedReformed religion is enabled
  • Administrative techAdministrative technology is at least 10
  • Is not a steppe horde
  • Is not at war
  • Religion is Religion reformedReformed or ProtestantismProtestant
  • Owns core provinces Goldingen and Mitau

Upon enactment

  • Country becomes Kurland Kurland
  • Gain Prestige10 prestige
  • Change capital to Mitau
  • Trigger country event "New Traditions & Ambitions" unless using custom ideas
  • Gain country modifier "Increased Centralization" for 3650 days:
    • 28px-Autonomy−5% Monthly autonomy change
    • National unrest+1 National unrest
  • If government is Theocracy or Monastic Order:
    • Change government to Feudal Monarchy
  • Every neighbouring monarchy:
  • Gain opinion modifier "Secularized Monastic Order" (+25, decaying by −2.5 per year) towards our country

Couronian Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. -1% Yearly Army Tradition Decay
  2. +5% Discipline


  1. Legacy of Sword Brethren: +20% Fort Defense
  2. Privilegium Gotthardinum: -1 National Unrest
  3. Duchy of Mercantilism: +10% Trade Power Abroad
  4. Booming Manufacture: +10% Production Efficiency & -10% Shipbuilding Tme
  5. Couronian Colonization: +25% Naval Force Limit Modifier & +15% Colonial Range
  6. Palaces of Mitau: +1 Yearly Prestige
  7. Promote the Couronian Kings: -10% Cavalry Cost & +15% Cavalry Combat Ability


  1. +10% Trade Efficiency