General Information Edit

Latvia Latvia is a Baltic country that is playable from November 18 1918 to June 17 1940, and from September 6, 1991 to the present day. Latvia joins the European Union European Union on January 1, 2004.

See also: Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Soviet Union

Strategy Edit

Latvian Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. -1 National Unrest
  2. +0.5% Yearly Republican Tradition


  1. Bugler Of Taalava: +15% Infantry Combat Ability
  2. The Palace Of Light: +1 Possible Advisors
  3. The Window To The West: +15% Global Trade Power
  4. Jus palieciet sava vieta, es palikšu sava: +20% Manpower Recovery Speed
  5. Army of Patriots: -20% Land Maintenance Modifier
  6. Tauta uz Barikadem: +20% Fort Defense
  7. Reawakenings: +1 Yearly Prestige


  1. +1 Diplomats

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