General Information Edit

800px-Lithuania (1) Lithuania is playable through many different centuries. From the very beginning, which starts at January 1st in 550 to the common present day. For the first time, country appears in the east of Europe at January 1st in 550 together with other eastern neighbors. For strategic interest, the player can ally either with Curonia and Poland Poland or Latgalia and Pomerania Pomerania. Unfortunately, it will be almost impossible to ally with Old Prussia Old Prussia, Lendians or Krivichs since they will keep you as a rival.

Lithuania appears with the state religion of the old Romuva. At the beginning of the game, it has 7 provinces and the development level of 75. If the country is not selected, the first ruler shows up only in 990 when Lithuania is already a Feudal Monarchy with "Grand Duchy" status.

In 1444, Lithuania is at truce with Ottomans Ottomans after the crusade war. During the war, the union between Lithuania and Poland Poland was dissolved, but in 1447 it was restored.

Commonwealth Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was founded in 1570. Its government becomes elective monarchy and the state religion stays as Catholic. At that moment Lithuania was participating in Livonian war but after merge was done, it was dragged to Northern Seven Years war.

In 1796, the Commonwealth Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth stopped existing and been divided by Prussia Prussia, Austria Austria and Russia Russia. The next time Lithuania appears on the map is on 16th February in 1918. Unfortunately, it has only 3 provinces: Trakai, Žemaitija and its temporary capital-province Kaunas. During the Second World War, Lithuania is occupied by Soviet Union Soviet Union.

On 11th March in 1990, Lithuania was the first country out of all Soviet Union Soviet Union which declared its independence and sovereignty. It has 5 provinces with only one province having sea access (Klaipėda), thus barely preventing the country from being landlocked.


Forming the CommonwealthEdit

Unlike Poland Poland, Lithuania has no event to create a Personal union Personal Union between the two countries. Therefore, the issue must be forced. Lithuania must have a Royal Marriage with Poland Poland, then claim their throne and declare war for it if they have a family member on Poland's throne and if all of the requirements are met. Lithuania can find allies useful allies such as Denmark Denmark, Hungary Hungary, Bohemia Bohemia, and Austria Austria to aid them in this.

Decisions Edit

Form The Commonwealth Commonwealth (800px-Lithuania (1) Lithuania)Edit


  • Is 800px-Lithuania (1) Lithuania
  • Leads Personal union Personal Union over Flag of Poland Poland
  • Flag of Poland Poland has Province 24 provinces or less
  • Is not Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire
  • Does not exist:
  • Has Administrative tech Administrative Technology of at least 10
  • Has at least Icon stability 3 Stability
  • Is not a Icon vassal subject nation
  • Is not a Government steppe horde nomad nation
  • At peace
  • Owns Core-creation cost core provinces: Vilna (272) Minsk (276) Kiev (280) Turov (1941)

Upon enactment:

  • Change country to the Commonwealth Commonwealth.
  • Inherit Poland Poland
  • If Duchy Duchy, set government rank to Kingdom Kingdom.
  • Gain a permanent claims on all non-owned provinces of the Poland region, White Ruthenian, Lithuanian, and Pripyat areas.
  • If an Holy Roman Empire HRE member and not an elector, leave the empire.
  • Gain 28px-Prestige25 Prestige
  • Gain Tax Base Icon 1 Base Tax in a randomly owned province with Lithuanian culture.

Lithuanian Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +15% Manpower Recovery Speed
  2. +4 Tolerance of Heretics


  1. Warlord Dukes: +1 Land Leader Shock
  2. Auksine Laisve: +10% National Tax Modifier
  3. Magdeburg Laws: +10% Production Efficiency
  4. Lithuanian Hussars: +20% Cavalry Combat Ability
  5. Statutes of Lithuania: -2 National Unrest
  6. Lithuanian Renaissance: -5% Technology Cost


  1. +1 Land Leader Maneuver