Tricephale Carnavalet

A rare depiction of the Druid god, Lugus

Lugus is one of the deity of the Druidist pantheon that can be choose as a personal deity. Historically Lugus is sometimes identified as Mercury of the Roman Hellenic pantheon.

In game, Lugus is represented as the god of trade, bosting it and the income significantly. An AI with capitalist personnality is more likely to choose Lugus as their personnal deity.

Bonuses Edit

In addition to the bonuses provide by the Druidist faith, Lugus also provide:

  • Global Tax Modifier: +10%
  • Global Trade Income Modifier: +10%

Strategy Edit

Since most of the Druidist nations start as barbarian tribes, they have a big penalty on the provincial trade power. Trade is completely dominated by the Roman Empire, but they might only focus on wealthier trade nodes in the Mediterranean. Adopting Lugus as a personal deity allied with the trade policy and/or economic policy can give a nation a big boost over the others that have the same penalties in terms national income. In early game, for coastal nations, it's still crucial to get merchant boats as quickly as possible to try to dominate trade, but using Lugus can be a great help competing on a higher level. In particularly this deity is useful to gain control over the English Channel and Lübeck trade nodes, since the Norse and Germanic nations don't have this modifier, and to compete against Frisia, whose ideas focus on trade.

Toponyms Edit

Some provinces in game are thought to be named after Lugus. They are:

  • Lyonnais and it's capital Lyon in France
  • Cumbria's capital (Carslie) in England, know under Roman occupation as Luguvalium.
  • Galicia's capital (Lugo) in Spain, know under Roman occupation as Lucus.
  • Zeeland's capital (Leiden) in the Netherlands, know under Roman occupation as Lugdunum Batavorum.
  • Lothian in Scotland