Manichaean Manichaean is an Iranian religion.

Bonuses Edit

  • +5.0% National Tax Modifier
  • +2.00 Tolerance of Heathens
  • +2.0% Local Missionary Strength

Mechanics Edit

Manichaean Manichaean is in the Iranian group, and has one heretics: Religion zoroastrianism Zoroastrian. Every other religion ingame is considered heathen.

Manichaean Manichaean does not possess personal deities.

Decision: Convert to ManichaeismEdit

Potential requirements


  • Stability at least 1
  • Is at peace

Upon enactment

  • Religion changes to ManichaeanManichaean
  • Lose 4 stability
  • Gain "Recent conversion" country modifier for 5 years
    • Global unrest +2
    • Stability cost modifier +20%