The Mayan religion refers to the religion followed by the Mayan people in North/Central America

Bonuses Edit

  • +1 Tolerance of the True Faith
  • +1 Possible Advisors

Mechanics Edit

Mayan is in the Native American group, and has heretics: Inti, Nahuatl, South American, and Totemism. Every other religion ingame are considered heathens.

All of religions added in El Dorado have reform mechanics that is required to reform the religion and westernize.

Mayan Reforms may be chosen in any order when the requirements are meet:

  • -10.0% Land Maintenance Modifier
  • +10.0% Infantry Combat Ability
  • -2 National Unrest
  • +1 Colonist
  • -10.0% Core-Creation cost

Mayan also has a personal deity system

Huitzilopochtli Huitzilopochtli Edit

  • Yearly Prestige: +1
  • National Unrest: -1

Tlaloc Tlaloc Edit

  • Manpower Recovery Speed: +20%
  • Production Efficiency: +10%

Tonatiuh Tonatiuh Edit

  • Fort Defense: +20%
  • Core-creation Cost: -10%

Tezcatlipoca Tezcatlipoca Edit

  • Aggressive Expansion Impact: -15%
  • Yearly Legitimacy: +1

Chalchiuhtlicue Chalchiuhtlicue Edit

  • Naval Attrition: -10%
  • Naval Morale: +20%

Quetzalcoatl Quetzalcoatl Edit

  • Trade Range: +20%
  • Technology Cost: -10%

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