Mesoamerican was a religion in central america that was removed and replaced by Mayan and Nahuatl in patch 1.10

The Mesoamerican religions refer to the religions of the pre-Columbian cultures of Mexico and Central America, notably the Olmec, Maya, Toltec, and Aztec. All religions of Mesoamerica were polytheistic.

Bonuses Edit

  • Tolerance of the True Faith: +1
  • Prestige from Land battles: +50%

Mechanics Edit

Mesoamerican is in the Native American group, and has two heretic Religions: Totemism and South American. All other religions in game are considered heathens.

Mesoamerican also possess personal deities. Upon ruler death, the player has an option to worship one deity, which will give the player unique bonuses depending on the God or Goddess chosen. The player may choose a new deity once every time their ruler dies. The options are

Huitzilopochtli Edit

  • Yearly Prestige: +1
  • National Unrest: -1

Tlaloc Edit

  • Manpower Recovery Speed: +20%
  • Production Efficiency: +10%

Tonatiuh Edit

  • Fort Defense: +20%
  • Core-creation Cost: -10%

Tezcatlipoca Edit

  • Aggressive Expansion Impact: -15%
  • Yearly Legitimacy: +1

Chalchiuhtlicue Edit

  • Naval Attrition: -10%
  • Naval Morale: +20%

Quetzalcoatl Edit

  • Trade Range: +20%
  • Technology Cost: -10%

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