General InformationEdit

Religion mesoamerican The Mayan religion refers to the religion followed by the Mayan peoples in Mesoamerica and Central America prior to European contact.

See also: Maya Maya, Nahuatl Nahuatl, Inti Inti

Bonuses Edit

  • Tolerance own+1 Tolerance of the True Faith
  • Advisor pool+1 Possible Advisors

Negatives Edit

  • Must reform religion before Western westernization.
  • Local missionary strength +2% Local Missionary Strength (Mayan provinces are easier to convert).

Mechanics Edit

Mayan is in the Native American group, and has the following religions considered heretical: Inti Inti, Nahuatl Nahuatl, Religion south american South American, and Religion totemism Totemism. Every other religion ingame are considered heathens. Without the DLC El Dorado El Dorado, the special mechanics for the Mayan religion (as well as for the Nahuatl Nahuatl and Inti Inti religions) will not be present and the religion will only function as a generic faith with only a few unique events.


  • A Unified Army: Land maintenance modifier -10% Land Maintenance Modifier
  • Central Arbitration: Infantry power +10% Infantry Combat Ability
  • Central Armories: National unrest -2 National Unrest
  • Tribal Expansion: Colonists +1 Colonists, Adjacent Automatically Discover Adjacent Provinces When a Colony is Built
  • Reform the Bureaucracy: Core-creation cost -10% Core-Creation Cost

Pass ReformEdit


  • At Peace
  • Anti tax rebels Rebels control no provinces.
  • Icon stability Stability is at least 1.
  • Own at least 20 cities.
  • Overextension Overextension is less than 1%.

Upon Enactment:

  • Selected reform is passed.
  • Lose Icon stability 1 Stability.
  • Release subjugated nations.
  • Release provinces with foreign cores.