Nahuatl The Nahuatl religion refers to the religion followed by the non-Mayan peoples in the Mesoamerican region prior to European contact.

See also: Aztec Aztec, Teotihuacan Teotihuacan, Tarascan Tarascan, Religion mesoamerican Mayan, Inti Inti

Bonuses Edit

  • National unrest-2 National Unrest
  • Morale of armies+10% Morale of Armies
  • Religion reforms are permanent (unless conversion to another religion).


  • Cannot Western westernize until religion is reformed.
  • Doom Mechanic: If Doom reaches 100, Government monarchy leader and heir are sacrificed and replaced with a Government monarchy 0/0/0 leader; Icon stability stability is massively reduced, negative events will follow.
  • Local missionary strength +2 Local Missionary Strength (Nahuatl provinces are easier to convert).

Mechanics Edit

Nahuatl Nahuatl is in the Native American group, and considers the following religions to be heretical: Inti Inti, Religion mesoamerican Mayan, Religion south american South American, and Religion totemism Totemist. Every other religion in-game are considered heathens.


  • Open up Sumptuary Restrictions: Icon war exhaustion -0.05 Monthly War Exhaustion, -1.2 Yearly Doom Modifier
  • Extend Pochteca Obligations: Diplomatic reputation +1 Diplomatic Relations, -1.2 Yearly Doom Modifier
  • Warrior Ranks: Discipline +5% Discipline, -1.2 Yearly Doom Modifier
  • Tribal Expansion: Colonists +1 Colonists, Adjacent Automatically Discover Adjacent Provinces When a Colony is Built, -1.2 Yearly Doom Modifier
  • Legal Reform: Stability cost modifier -20% Stability Cost Modifier, -1.2 Yearly Doom Modifier

Pass ReformEdit


  • Own at least Icon vassal 5 vassals.
  • At Peace
  • Anti tax rebels Rebels control no provinces.
  • Icon stability Stability is at least 1.
  • Doom is less than 50.

Upon Enactment:

  • Selected reform is passed.
  • Lose Icon stability 1 Stability.
  • Release all Icon vassal vassals.
  • Gain 25 Doom

Reforming the Nahuatl FaithEdit

Each reform requires that the Nahuatl Nahuatl nation has at least Icon vassal 5 vassals, at least Icon stability 1 Stability, and less than 50 Doom in order to pass a reform. Passing a reform will cost Icon stability 1 Stability, will release all held vassals, and will add an additional 25 Doom. Reduce your doom through events and sacrificing the monarchs of your vassals (the better the monarch that is sacrificed, the more Doom you lose). Repeat this strategy until all of the reforms are passed. It should be noted that a Nahuatl country gains more Doom if they control more provinces, so try to avoid having a large empire until you have more reforms passed since each reform gives a -1.2 Yearly Doom modifier (with a stacked total of -6.0 Yearly Doom if every reform is passed, which then allows for greater Overextension expansion and Global settler increase colonization).

Once all reforms have been passed, the Nahuatl Nahuatl country must wait for an old world colonizer to colonize directly next to their country's border before the religion can be reformed. Once this is true, the country can finally reform their religion (same applies for Religion mesoamerican Mayan and Inti Inti countries); thus embracing all of the colonizer's institutions and technology, as well as no longer having to worry about the Doom mechanic since it becomes disabled once the Nahuatl Nahuatl religion is reformed. As previously stated in the article, the reform bonuses are permanent unless the Nahuatl country decides to convert to another religion.