Nestorianism is a pre-schism denomination of Christianity which follows the teachings of Archbishop Nestorius of the 4th and 5th centuries. Nestorianism holds that Christ had two loosely united natures, divine and human, both having very little influence on each other creating two distinct "persons" the human and the divine.

Bonuses Edit

  • Tolerance of the true faith: +1
  • Stability cost modifier: -10%

Mechanics Edit

Nestorian is in the Christian religion group, but despite that, only pre-schism Christians are considered heretics, i.e. Chancledonism, Arianism, and Coptic. Every other religion will be considered heathens.

There are currently no other unique mechanics.

 Convert to Nestorianism Edit


  • Stability at Least 1
  • Is at Peace
  • Any Core Province is Nestorianism


  • Religion Changed to Nestorianism
  • Lose 4 Stability
  • [Country] gets Resent Conversion for 5 years giving the following effects:
    • +2.00 National unrest
    • +20.0% Stability Cost Modifier 

Possible for:

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