General Information Edit

Nicaragua Nicaragua is a Central American republic that is playable since May 31st, 1838. While being part of Cam-fx2 2 United Central America (1823-1838), Nicaragua still retains its cores.

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Nicaraguan Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +15% Light Ship Combat Ability
  2. -20% Light Ship Cost


  1. War of the Captains: +15% Siege Ability
  2. Lakes and Streams: -10% Land Attrition
  3. Develop the Tierra Templada: -10% Development Cost
  4. Nicaraguan Diaspora: -10% Advisor Costs
  5. Cocoa Plantations: +100% Goods Produced Modifier
  6. Integrate Mosquito Coast: -0.04 Monthly Autonomy Change
  7. El Gueguense: +5% Morale of Armies, +25% Hostile Core-Creation On Us


  1. -15% Stability Cost Modifier