General Information Edit

Nicaragua Nicaragua is a Central American republic that is playable since May 31st, 1838. However, while being part of UPCA UPCA (1823-1838), it has still coresgains cores.

See also: UPCA UPCA, Guatemala Guatemala, Honduras Honduras

Nicaragua Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Light ship power: +15%
  2. Light ship cost: -20%


  1. War of the Captains: Siege ability +15%
  2. Lakes and Streams: Land attrition -10%
  3. Develop the Tierra Templada: Development cost -10%
  4. Nicaraguan Diaspora: Advisor cost -10%
  5. Cocoa Plantations: Global trade goods size +100%
  6. Integrate Mosquito Coast: Monthly autonomy change -4%
  7. El Gueguense: Land morale +5%, Hostile core creation on us +25%


  1. Stability cost modifier: -15%

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