General InformationEdit

OldPrussia Old Prussia is a Baltic tribe that is playable from January 1st, 2 to 1252. The Old Prussians were Germanized after the successful crusade led by the Flag of Teutonic Order Teutonic Order, thus creating what would later be known as the German Kingdom of Flag of Prussia Prussia. Even after 1252 when OldPrussia Old Prussia ceases to exist, they can still be released in the province of Kurland until 1850, the year when the last Old Prussian province is assimilated.

See also: Vandals, Goths, Pomerania, Teutonic Order, Livonian Order, Prussia, Latgalia, Lithuania, Livonia, Curonia


Roman-Parthian WarEdit

OldPrussia Old Prussia starts off in a rather odd position. You are located in Northeast Europe, which is completely empty. You won't have any neighbors east of your country for awhile, so in the mean time focus on expanding your way through the Germanic tribes, starting with the Goths Goths, Vandals Vandals, and Pomerania Pomerania. Your goal is to eventually border the Roman Empire Roman Empire. That way, once the Romans start to crumble, that's when you want to make a push into the Empire, securing as much land as you can.


From 2 to 495, if the Roman Empire Roman Empire, WestRome Western Roman Empire, Byzantine Byzantine Empire, or Gallia Gallia is collapsing, any barbarian tribe can auto-annex some occupied provinces given if you are at war with them. This is limited, you can only annex up to 4 times your country's base tax, invade wisely.


Reform Government Edit


  • At peace
  • Administrative Power of at least 100
  • One of the following must be true:
    • is in the Christian
    • is in the Muslim group
    • is Jewish
    • is Zoroastrian

Upon Enactment:

  • Lose 100 Administrative Power
  • Lose 1 Stability
  • Type of Government Changed to Feudal Monarchy

Tech Reform Edit


  • At peace
  • Administrative Technology of at least 19
  • Administrative Power of at least 100
  • Do not have: Barbarian Tribe, Tribal Despotism, Tribal Democracy, Tribal Federation

Upon Enactment:

  • Lose 100 Administrative Power
  • Tech Group is changed to "Western"
  • Unit Types change to "Western"

Old Prussian Ideas and TraditionsEdit


  1. +50% Hostile Core-Creation Cost On Us
  2. +10% Morale of Armies


  1. Amber Road: +10% Trade Efficiency
  2. Kriwo Kriweto: +2% Missionary Strength
  3. Holy Streams and Forests: +2 Tolerance of the True Faith & -10% Stability Cost Modifier
  4. Natural Defenses: +20% Fort Defense
  5. The Northern Crusade: −10% Military Technology Cost
  6. Nomadic Lifestyle: -1 National Unrest
  7. Crossroads of Nations: +3 Diplomatic Relations


  1. +1 Yearly Legitimacy

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