General Information Edit

Panama gains cores January 22nd, 1903. Panama is playable from November 3rd, 1903 to the present.

See also: Colombia, Costa Rica, United States of America, UPCA

Strategy Edit

Panama Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. Naval morale: +10%
  2. Defensiveness: +20%


  1. Lessons of Panama City: Embargo efficiency +10%, Privateer efficiency +15%
  2. Crossroad of two Continents: Merchants +1
  3. Vasco Nuñez de Balboa: Land morale +10%
  4. American Investors: Development cost -10%
  5. Panamanian Golden Frog: Prestige decay -1%
  6. Cimmarons: Accepted cultures +1
  7. Darien Gap: Hostile attrition +1%


  1. Trade efficiency: +10%

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