General InformationEdit

Pontus Pontus is a vassal of the Roman Empire Roman Empire located in north Anatolia. Pontus is playable from 2 to 62.

See Also: Rome, Iberia, Armenia, Cappadocia, Siraces, Bosporus


Pontus Ideas and TraditionsEdit


  1. Yearly army tradition: +5%
  2. Infantry power: +10%


  1. Achaemenid links: Legitimacy +1
  2. Gateway between East and West: Accepted cultures +1, Tolerance of heathens +1
  3. Pontic Alps: Local defensiveness +20%
  4. Resource Rich Lands: Global trade goods size modifier +10%
  5. Hellenist diplomacy: Diplomatic relations +1
  6. Mithridatic Expansionism: Core creation cost -20%
  7. Sea Trade: Global trade power +10%


  1. Diplomatic annexation cost: -15%

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