Protestant in-game refers to forms of Christianity post Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation is the split from the Catholic Church that spawns both Protestants and Reformed religions. Protestants follow the teaching of Martin Luther. Protestants believed that the Catholic Church has become corrupt and try to focus on a more direct interpretation of the bible. Protestantism was predominantly followed by the Germanic states after the Protestant Reformation, but in-game, the regions can spawn in any Catholic province.

Bonuses Edit

  • +10.0% National Tax Modifier
  • -10.0% Idea Cost

Mechanics Edit

Both Protestant and Reformed deal with Reformation mechanics to determine where and how they spawn.

it must be after 1450 before conversion from Catholicism to Protestantism is allowed.

Protestant is in the christian group, and all other religions in the christian group post-schism are considered heretics, i.e. Catholicism, Reformed, and Orthodox. Every other religion will be considered heathens.