General Information Edit

Pueblo Pueblo is a Native American tribe located in what is today New Mexico. Pueblo is playable from 2 to 1598. In 1598, Pueblo is annexed by Spain Spain.

See also: Pima, Navajo, Apache, Hohokam, Mogollon, Comanche, Shoshone, Kiowa, Spain

Strategy Edit

Pueblo Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +25% National Garrison Growth
  2. -15% Advisor Cost


  1. Ancient Pueblo Legacy: +25% Hostile Core-Creation Cost on Us
  2. Adobe Architecture: -10% Build Cost
  3. Mesa Settlements: +15% Fort Defense
  4. Cotton Weaving: +10% Trade Efficiency
  5. Kachina Dolls: -10% Stability Cost Modifier
  6. Clown Societies: +2 Tolerance of the True Faith & +10% Religious Unity
  7. Legend of Chibola: +1 Yearly Prestige


  1. +1 Yearly Legitimacy

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