General InformationEdit

The Rugii Rugii were a Germanic, Barbarian Tribe located in northern Germany. They migrated two times before they settled down. First into Bohemia, and then into Wien. The Rugii are playable from January 1st, 2, to 487. In 487 they were conquered by Italy Italy.

See also: Pomerania, Vandals, Angles, Saxony, Lombardy, Italy


The situation you start in is similar yet a bit different than Pomerania Pomerania's. It's similar due to your geographical position in Europe, as well as your distance from Roman Empire Rome. You have Pomerania Pomerania and the Vandals Vandals to the east, Lombardy Lombardy, Saxony Saxony, and the Angles Angles to the west, and the Jutes Jutes and the Heruli Heruli to the north. You want to eventually make your way down south towards the Romans. You can be vulnerable to assaults from all fronts if you do not build your army and make allies. Some good allies include the Goths Goths, Francia Francia, Flag of Hermunduri Hermunduri, Burgundy Burgundy and the Marcomanni Marcomanni.


From 2 to 495, if the Roman Empire Roman Empire, WestRome Western Roman Empire, Byzantine Byzantine Empire, or Gallia Gallia is collapsing, any barbarian tribe can auto-annex some occupied provinces given if you are at war with them. This is limited, you can only annex up to 4 times your country's base tax, invade wisely.


Form Austria (467-487)Edit


  • Primary culture is Austrian
  • Flag of Austria Austria does not exist
  • Is Not a a Nomad Nation
  • Is Not a Subject Nation
  • At Peace
  • Owns Core on Wien (134)

Upon Enactment:

  • Country changes to Flag of Austria Austria
  • Gain28px-Prestige10 Prestige

Reform Government (2-467)Edit


  • At peace
  • Administrative Power of at least 100
  • One of the following must be true:
    • is in the Christian
    • is in the Muslim group
    • is Jewish
    • is Zoroastrian

Upon Enactment:

  • Lose 100 Administrative Power
  • Lose 1 Stability
  • Type of Government Changed to Feudal Monarchy

Tech Reform (2-487)Edit


  • At peace
  • Administrative Technology of at least 19
  • Administrative Power of at least 100
  • Do not have: Barbarian Tribe, Tribal Despotism, Tribal Democracy, Tribal Federation

Upon Enactment:

  • Lose 100 Administrative Power
  • Tech Group is changed to "Western"
  • Unit Types change to "Western"

Pomeranian Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. −20% Light Ship Cost
  2. +10% Morale of Armies


  1. Legacy of Pirates: +15% Privateer Efficiency, +10% Embargo Efficiency
  2. Pomeranian Merchants: +1 Merchant
  3. Northern Ports: +25% Trade Steering
  4. Religious Freedom: +2 Tolerance of Heretics
  5. Mercenary Contracts: −25% Mercenary Maintenance
  6. Dominate the Baltic: +10% Trade Efficiency
  7. German Navy: +25% Naval Force Limit Modifier


  1. +10% Global Trade Power

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