General InformationEdit

Flag of Sami Sami is playable from January 1st 750 to January 1st 1607. After 1607, if Sami revolts it will no longer be Religion suomenuskoSuomenusko, and will instead be Religion catholicCatholic (from Sweden Sweden) or Religion orthodoxOrthodox (from Russia Russia) depending on what nation Sami revolts from.

See also: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia


Sami Ideas and TraditionsEdit


  1. +30% Religious Unity
  2. +10% National Manpower Modifier


  1. Land of the Midnight Sun: +1 Attrition for Enemies
  2. Protect the Herds: +10% National Tax Modifier
  3. Regulate the Southern Trade: +1 Merchants
  4. Encourage Growth of the Winter Market: +10% Provincial Trade Power Modifier
  5. Defend Noaidi Traditions: +2 Tolerance of the True Faith
  6. Living off the Land: -10% Attrition
  7. Standardized Literary Language: -10% Stability Cost Modifier


  1. +1% Missionary Strength

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