South arabianPrior to Islam, the Kaaba of Mecca was covered in symbols representing the myriad demons, djinn, demigods, or simply tribal gods and other assorted deities which represented the polytheistic culture of pre-Islamic Arabia. Many of the physical descriptions of the pre-Islamic gods are traced to idols, especially near the Kaaba, which is believed to have contained up to 360 of them.

Bonuses Edit

  • +2.00 Tolerance of Heretics
  • +2.00 Tolerance of Heathens
  • +2.0% Local Missionary Strength

Mechanics Edit

South Arabian is in the Mesopotamian group, and has one heretic: Ashurist. Every other religion ingame are considered Heathen.

South Arabian also possesses personal deities. Upon ruler death, the player has an option to worship one deity which will give the player unique bonuses depending on the God or Goddess chosen. The player may choose one deity once every time their ruler dies. The options are


  • +1.00 Yearly Army Tradition
  • +4.0% Discipline


  • +20.0% Manpower Recover Speed
  • +1 Attrition for Enemies


  • -1.00 National Unrest
  • +10.0% Infantry Combat Ability


  • +1.00 Land Leader Fire
  • +0.50 Yearly Legitimacy


  • +10.0% Production Efficiency
  • +1.00 Land Leader Shock


  • +1 Diplomats
  • +1 Diplomatic Relations

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