Sunni Islam Sunni is the largest branch of Islam. After the death of Muhammad, Sunni Islam Sunni Muslims accept Abu Bakr as the first Caliph. Opposed to the Shiite Islam Shia, who rejected Abu Bakr's authority in favor of Ali, whom Sunni Islam Sunnis accepted as the fourth Caliph rather than the first.

Bonuses Edit

  • +1.00 Tolerance of The True Faith
  • +100.0% Chance of a New Heir

Mechanics Edit

Sunni Islam Sunni is in the Muslim religion group, Ibadi Islam Khawarij and Shiite Islam Shia are considered heretics. Every other religion will be considered heathens.

Muslim religions have a piety slider. The two ends of the slider are Pious and Lack of Piety. Each have Bonuses. Bonuses are partially received and are increased as the percentage increases. However you only receive one type of bonus at a time. So it is preferable to be at either 100% pious or 100% unpious and not anywhere in between. Piety changes at rulers death.

Being Pious:

  • +3.0% Missionary Strength
  • +10.0% Morale of Armies
  • +20.0% Fort Defense

Lack of Piety:

  • +20.0% National Tax Modifier
  • +20.0% National Manpower Modifier
  • -10.0% Technology Cost

 Convert to Sunni Islam Sunni Edit


  • Stability at Least 1
  • Is at Peace
  • Any Core Province is Sunni


  • Religion Changed to Sunni
  • Lose 4 Stability
  • [Country] gets Resent Conversion for 5 years giving the following effects:
    • +2.00 National unrest
    • +20.0% Stability Cost Modifier 

Possible for: