Theravada is a sect of Buddhism.

 Bonuses Edit

  • -10.0% Advisor Cost
  • +2.00 Tolerance of Heathens

Mechanics Edit

Theravada is in the buddhic religion group, Vajrayana and Mahayana are considered heretics. Every other religion will be considered heathens.

Theravada does not possesses personal deities.

All buddhic religions poses a karma system very similar to the Muslim piety system. The two ends of the slider should be avoided. for having karma between -25 and 25 you will receive bonuses. If you go over these limits you will have no effect, but if you go over 50 karma or under -50 karma you will be penalized. You gain karma for:

  • Having War Declared on You
  • Honoring Alliances
  • Releasing Vassals
  • Releasing Nations in Peace Deals
  • Returning Cores

You lose Karma for:

  • Starting Wars
  • Taking Provinces in Peace Deals

Over 50 Karma:

  • -10.0% Discipline

Between -25 & 25 Karma:

  • +5.0% Discipline
  • +1 Diplomatic Reputation

Under -50 Karma:

  • -2 Diplomatic Reputation

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