General Information Edit

Toltec Toltec is a Mesoamerican Kingdom located in central Mexico. Toltec is playable from 496 to 1520, where the Toltec is annexed by Aztec Aztec.

See also: Aztec, Tarascan, Colima, Mixtec, Totonac, Tlaxcala, Tlapanec, Zapotec, Teotihuacan


Mesoamerican Ideas and Traditions Edit


  1. +50% Chance of New Heir
  2. +25% Income from Vassals


  1. Olmec Legacy: -10% Idea Cost
  2. Altepetl: +10% Global Trade Power
  3. Ball Game: +1 Diplomatic Reputation
  4. Feathered Serpent: -1 National Unrest
  5. Ritual Bloodletting: +1 Yearly Legitimacy
  6. Pyramid Architecture: -10% Build Cost
  7. Obsidian and Jade: +20% Trade Range Modifier & +5% Trade Efficiency


  1. +20% Fort Defense

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